Basketball Training App Reviews

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Best if it costed less

Great app, good skills and it helps me improve. One thing; I really want to get stronger but I have to pay money to use the strength parts!! Ugghh!! I wish more stuff was free, a lot of it costs money!

Good app just make it free

The app is good it has great drills and can really make you a good player. It's just to get and do level 2 and up you have to pay. If it was free it would easily be a 5 star app.

Please add

Apple watch support. I have to carry phone in pocket to do some drills. Watch support would be fantastic.


I love this app, I was already pretty good a shooting but it changed my form and now I knock 3's down with ease😁💯🤷🏽‍♂️


It's great I love but, it would be better if you could use it offline because I don't have a plan and this could work with anybody else that don't have a plan or don't have wifi at a certain place then everyone could use this app anywhere and anytime other this is great!!!!🏀🏀🔥🔥❤️👌🏾😝💯💯👏🏾👏🏾

Really good app

This app is really good because it free and works for any skill level. Easy to use and really helped me become a great player


What crap , you have to pay to use this this is why I don't like apple they gotten to big for their customers, they are a waste, do yourself a favor and don't buy games from the App Store

Where to begin

I can't believe they allowed this on the market. What a train wreck.

Great app

Literally I've had it for a hour and I've lost a pound

Very Great app but add support for Apple Watch

I suggest you add support for Apple Watch because than we don't just have to use our phones to work out, we can just do it on our wrist. Remember: Ball is L-I-F-E🏀🔥👌🏆⌚️

Not the best

This app was good but know every time I go to get on it know it glitches and goes back to the home screen so it was good but I can't find out know if it's better because it won't work.

Not so good

Money based app. Should offer other way to unlock the higher levels instead of just paying money.


I love this app, it's very helpful but it crashes so much I can barely even use it.

Won't open

I know this is a great app but it won't load so they need to fix it!!!

Won't open



I was really looking forward to using the app but I am constantly being stopped at the loading sign, which seems to be the problem for others. I have an iPhone 6, so maybe it's the phone and not the app, but I am disappointed and really hope it can be fixed! Thank you!

Doesn't open...

App constantly gets stuck on "loading"!!

iPhone 6

Can you please make it optimizable for iPhone 6? 😔

It used to be good...wth

I came back after a while if not using it and really liked the new set up. It now after this pat update it won't even let me open it. Really sad because I really liked it. 😢


Best training videos. Plus it's free. I needed training for boxing but had no money. Once I downloaded this app the training really helped.

Had to uninstall and then reinstall to get it to work.

App was working great until last update. After the update it wouldn't open and kept crashing after the initial loading screen. A quick uninstall and reinstall, however, fixed the problem. Excellent app excluding this problem.

Crashing ...!! Even after the new update ..

It crashes as soon as I run the app it doesn't even work ... Please fix it !!

Good, but glitchy.

It's a good app with nice design and easy to use, but crashes too often. I can use this app for about two days after deleting and redownloading, and then it'll just start glitching again. My other fitivity apps do not have this problem, but I don't use them as much.

Great App

Really helps me organize and keep up with training

Great idea, but needs some issues to be solved

This is an awesome app and I use it to train my basketball skills. It has really helped me improve overall. The downside though is that this app crashes a lot and will not open if I do not open the app for a few days.




It does want to open or load

Where is the video

It gives me the description and everything for me to do but I can not see the video physically


It keeps crashing


I like this app… I think it's awesome IMO …but I only dislike how the MB adds up quickly… I went over 200MBs in 10 minutes of the workouts

I love this app

If you take basketball serious , this is for you . I'm trying to make a come back after two years away from the court and this is exactly what I was looking for (my own personal coach) . Guys thank you so much for putting this together , I know it's going to be big . I will recommend this to everybody that I know.


It takes a long time to load.

Not crazy about the update

The whole update is pretty confusing. Should change it back to before

Good app for get in your game tight

They recommend weeks per level but there are very good drills here and vids that show you how.


Love this app. I wish some of the video demos were a little longer though. Overall the app has thorough training techniques that have improved my skills beyond my expectation. I recommend to those who are willing to put in full effort to improve their game.

Great app

Just what I needed to help my workouts. Perfect

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